Unveiling the return of Gbenga Oluokun (Agla).

GBENGA OLUOKUN left Germany in 2015 to come and establish a boxing academy that will raise future stars from Nigeria. “We started well and everything was going on smoothly, until suddenly everything turned sour” he recounted.

In all attempts to help Nigerian boxing and raise grassroot boxers, Gbenga Oluokun lost it all. A loss he claimed is unexplainable. He became depressed, deteriorated mentally and fell back to the street.

In a bid to bounce back, Oluokun sought with old friends to get a contract in Dubai as a trainer and a fighter, the whole trial turned pitifully bitter when he suddenly collapsed on his arrival at Dubai Airport and went into coma for about 115 days. Having recovered from the coma, he was brought back to Nigeria. Gbenga ‘Agla’ Oluokun said in his narration that it was hellish, traumatic, and a pitiable condition

In a worse state of depression, there was no definite help that could be pointed at except for those family members living outside the country who are also, almost gave up on him. He said life became hell and a thought to attempt suicide came twice.

No sooner Dcolossus promoter, Mr Ezekiel Oshinmi, was on the street looking for great boxers than he came in contact with Oluokun. After having intense discussions with him, Gbenga Oluokun’s passion for boxing and his hope to overcome his demons set Mr Ezekiel Oshinmi on a mission to help him find his footing and get him back to the boxing gym.

Gbenga Oluokun has silently returned to boxing training for the past 3 months after having a helping hand on his health with a licensed doctor and pyschologist

Once again, Oluokun has set himself to overcome all demons and obstacles. He is back on his feet and claims he still has a lot to offer in the boxing scene and wants to be a motivation for people who are fighting demons in their life and are probably in a hopeless situation.

Serena Williams said “I really think a champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall”.Finding motivation from Serena Williams quote and Tyson Fury’s comeback, Gbenga Oluokun is ready to come back to the ring.

The return of Gbenga Oluokun Aglar alias Bang Bang is a potential booster to other people around the world that are suffering setbacks and those in different hopeless conditions.

With a winner mindset, Gbenga “Agla” Oluokun is looking forward to a comeback bout anytime soon

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