We are more than just a group of individuals or people,
we are a big family with a common goal of making impact
in a bit by bit until it becomes a phenomena. Dcolossus
is a short code for D1132 colossus which means Daniel 11:32
"Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploit",
while colossus means something big, enormous, larger than life.
a person or thing of enormous size, importance, or ability.
We we put this together, we formed dcolossus meaning doing great exploit
creating the biggest and largest world of entertainment through


I grew up to see boxers jogging miles, punching air, skipping ropes, sweating it out without any competition or contest insight, no glory ahead and above all no victory even at last. They are only driven by passion. Raw talents wasting away, resources untapped, until strength fades away. Year in year out, dreams are shattered, visions fades, all roads to hopelessness.
We are determined to give hope to the hopeless, to make dreams come through, to create platforms of glory and honor, where everyone will end up being celebrity.
We are DCOLOSSUS, let there be boxing, let there be champions.
Oshinmi. E.

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